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Stock Tips Beat the Market Educational Games for Kids

Beat the Market is the fast, fun, and easy way to riches on Wall Street. Get years of stock trading experience in hours with these unique stock market simulation games.

Those who just like entertaining games based on the real world and those who are serious about increasing their investment returns in the stock market should try Beat the Market. That’s because these fast-paced stock trading simulation games will entertain you and also allow you to get realistic stock trading experience while having fun playing the games.

Want to spend some quality time with the children or grandchildren and also teach them about what stock trading is really like on Wall Street? Then challenge them to a game of Beat the Market, Market Timing, or perhaps even take them on in a 30 Day Challenge game.

The games allow you to play by yourself against the market averages or you may play against another human opponent as well.

New subscribers may immediately download a FREE copy of Beat the Market as a bonus gift and our way of saying thanks for subscribing to our Quick Profit Stock Tips service.

Each Beat the Market Package contains games and tools as follows:

Games Tools
Beat the Market
Market Timing
30 Day Challenge
Stock Selection Trainer
Trading Tips
Spectacular Winners
Dismal Losers
Stock Evaluation Worksheet
Beat the Market is recommended for all ages 12 and up.
System Requirements: Windows® Operating System
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