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Stock Tips Beat the Market Educational Games for Kids

The normal subscription price is $29.95 per month; however, as a new subscriber you will also receive some nice bonus gifts as shown below.

  • Bonus Gift - A 3 month subscription ( 2 FREE months ) for the price of one.
  • Immediate access to the Tips Log, which contains all tips issued to date. 
  • Email notification when new tips are released. 
  • Opportunity for FREE extensions to your subscription through the Tell a Friend program. 
  • Super Bonus Gift - Immediate access to our Beat the Market Package; this unique software entertains you while it shows you how the stock market really works. It contains the following games and tools:
Games Tools
Beat the Market
Market Timing
30 Day Challenge
Stock Selection Trainer
Trading Tips
Spectacular Winners
Dismal Losers
Stock Evaluation Worksheet
Subscribe now for instant access to all the recent tips, and to download your copy of Beat the Market, play games, have fun, and make money!
Beat the Market is recommended for all ages 12 and up.
System Requirements: Windows® Operating System
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